DevelopHer Hackday 2015

A special hack day competition that aims to foster a stronger sense of community among women in engineering and provide a creative platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Form a team, code all night, create something awesome, and present it to the judges to win prizes.

What is a hackday?
It is a chance for you to form a team, work on something you are passionate about, and turn it into a working prototype - otherwise known as a “hack.” During the hackday you’ll have the opportunity to build something great, network with fellow women in tech and pitch it to the judges.

So what’s the DevelopHer Hackday?
The DevelopHer hackday is focused on hacks that empower women. These could be apps that help women grow and establish businesses and achieve financial independence. Or, hacks could take on human trafficking of women. Maybe technology could be conceived that allows the community of women to crowdsource something like venture financing, safety and security, family wellness, or the gender gap in technology. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what teams come up with.

August 28-29, 2015

    • 5:00pm

      Arrive, Register, Mingle

    • 6:00pm

      Hacking Begins

    • 6:00 - 7:00pm

      Dinner & Idea Pitching

    • 11:00 - 11:45pm


    • 12:00am

      Snack Attack

    • 7:00am


    • 9:00 - 9:45am

      Guided Meditation

    • 12:00pm


    • 1:00pm

      Hacks Due

    • 1:30pm

      Preliminary Judging

    • 3:00pm


    • 4:00pm

      Awards Ceremony


What you need to know

Where will it be?

LinkedIn Sunnyvale
580 N. Mary Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

When is it all happening?

The hackday runs from 5:00pm on Friday, August 28, 2015 to 4:00pm on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

Who is eligible?

All women are welcome, from students to working professionals. The only requirement is that you bring a laptop and a valid ID. Women need to register individually in advance and team registration will take place onsite.

The minimum age to participate is 14; and if you're under 18, your parent or guardian will be required to sign a consent form that will be emailed to you. Women are encouraged to form their own teams, but please note that there is a limit of 5 women to a team.

What kind of hacks are allowed?

This year’s DevelopHer is focused on hacks that empower women. With that said, just about anything that will 'wow' the judges is fair game: webapps, mobile apps, desktop apps, data analytics, games, tools, frameworks, optimizations, and so on. Keep it appropriate and legal and we'll be happy.

Finally, the hack does NOT have to be related to LinkedIn in any way. However, if you do need LinkedIn data for something, check out our APIs.

These links are provided for your convenience only. The applicable terms and conditions shall apply, such as third party terms for such sites and LinkedIn API Terms of Use. LinkedIn makes no representations or warranties related to these links and is not responsible for the content therein.

Several other companies also have similar Developer APIs available for use.

Are there prizes?

First Place
Stainless Steel Apple Watch + Custom Photography (for a best-ever LinkedIn profile!) per team member

Second Place
Silver Aluminum Apple Watch per team member

Third Place
One $100 Apple gift card per team member

What is the judging criteria?

  1. For the preliminary judging the hacks created will be broken up into groups. Each group will consist of 10-12 teams and each team will be evaluated on the judging criteria by our preliminary judges. Each team will get 2 minutes to demo their project, followed by a minute for Q&A. The judges for this round will be LinkedIn employees.

  2. Final Judging: The top 10-15 teams from preliminary judging will then present to our final judges. The format will be the same as the preliminary judging.

Hacks will be evaluated on the following criteria (each out of five points with up to 20 points possible):

  1. Brilliant Idea: Impact & Innovation (Up to 5 points)
  2. Technical Wizardry: Working hacks, not slide decks (Up to 5 points)
  3. User Experience: Polish, shine, and wow factor (Up to 5 points)
  4. The Pitch: Presentation Skills (Up to 5 points)

What should you bring?

Completed waivers (will be emailed to confirmed participants), identification, sleeping bag, extra clothes, laptop, laptop charger, phone, phone chargers, towels, and ideas!

What will LinkedIn provide?

  • Food - meals, snacks, and energy drinks, all free of cost!
  • Whiteboards, Expo markers, pens, paper, and power cords
  • A space to hack
  • Awesome mentors to help and guide you!
  • Useful resources to help you get started

Are any of LinkedIn's WIT team participating?

Yes, Sarah Clatterbuck, the lead of the WIT community team, will be the master of ceremonies for the hack day and many of the WIT team members are helping to plan and pull off this event. Sarah's day job is head of the web development teams responsible for horizontal user experience technical initiatives and infrastructure at LinkedIn. 

Sponsored by Women in Tech

Women In Technology is comprised of both female and male LinkedIn employees, whose vision is to reach gender parity in technical roles at LinkedIn & inspire all companies to do the same.

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